Fair Game

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs

This one was the weakest of the trilogy for me. It just felt all over the place, with a lot of thing not explained fully and then dismissed with some magic. I had to reread a couple sections to figure out what exactly happened because it wasn't particularly clear.


Also, Charles was annoyingly patriarchal in this one. There's this one part where he rescues Anna while she's dealing with the situation, and then afterwards she says, "You know you didn't have to rescue me, I was handling it." and he thinks to himself that it's so cute that she was so confident but she couldn't have rescued herself and he's not going to tell her this. Um what? 


I love love loved the end. The fae. Daaaaaayum. I seriously got chills. All the stuff about fear and justice...UNF. Loved it.