Insurgent  - Veronica Roth





Divergent was enjoyable. It wasn't the greatest book ever, but I enjoyed it. Insurgent, on the other hand, made me want to ragequit about every half page. It's a good thing I can skim read 100+ pages in about 20 minutes or I probably would have clawed my eyes out. Here's a summary of the book using percentages because I don't have words:


25% awkward makeout scenes between Tris and Tobias

37% Tris angsting about Will

54% Tris angsting about her parents

99.99% Tris thinking about Tobias and how much she loves him and wants things to be "back the way they used to be"...THREE WEEKS AGO BECAUSE THAT'S HOW LONG THEY'VE BEEN TOGETHER

100% Tobias being an asshat

13% other characters that I am apparently supposed to remember from Divergent but don't

0% plot development or fucks given

100% Tris and Tobias being too stupid to live

67% inane plot twists

0% knowledge of how scientific research works


There's also all the times that Tris is supposed to die but then a plot device swoops down and saves her, the complete lack of editing, the 400ish pages where nothing happens, the enormous plot holes, and the horrible world building. 


Allegiant, I will be reading your Wikipedia entry instead of slogging through anything that might remotely resemble what I just read. 


ETA: Read Allegiant's Wiki entry. "Because genes and stuff" REALLY??????? NO.