The Dirty Life

The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love - Kristin Kimball dirty indeed. This book was absolutely fascinating to me. I grew up on a tree farm, so am used to the plants aspect (constantly fighting back the invasives, planting baby trees in the dead of winter, etc.) but the animal parts were awesome to read about. 


This is far and away the best of the "find yourself" type memoirs I've read, ever. Kimball doesn't beat around the bush with how hard and dirty and neverending the work is, and that's refreshing. She and her husband go out and get down in the mud and do real work to make their home (a nice departure from the "I went to a foreign country for a week and found myself the end" books that have become so popular).


If you're yearning for a sequel, like I am, then go to the Essex Farm blog and read the weekly reports on the farm. There are lamb pictures.