Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy 3)

Blackout - Mira Grant This series is completely ADDICTING. I'm not a huge fan of zombies, but this is a zombie story without too many zombies (might bother some people, but perfect for me). I loved the high level of detail given to life 20 years after the zombie apocalypse and minimal attention paid to descriptions of rotting flesh and shambling. Her take on the science of the zombie disease was so completely fascinating that one can't help but be horrified and unable to look away at the same time.

Random notes on the whole trilogy (probably spoilers):

Any issues with repetition of information (definitely a problem in Feed and Deadline) and pacing seemed to be completely fixed in Blackout. I felt like Grant finally trusted her excellent world building and her characters and set them free to be awesome.

This was a pretty USA-centric view of things...I would have liked more than hints of what went on in other countries around the world, especially since it's made clear that zombies are a worldwide problem.

The character of Rick is awesome, and while I understand why, I am selfishly sad he got so little 'screen time' in the trilogy.

Just casually putting queer characters in there nbd. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. More of this, please, sci-fi/fantasy world?

I totally yelled "I SHIP IT!" alone in my house when the Shaun/George reveal happened (you weren't surprised? Neither was I. But I was very surprised and happy that Grant dealt with it directly in a place in the story that made sense.)

It was gutsy of Grant to kill George at the end of the first book. I was about 97% pleased with how the "coming back to life" happened.

All in all? I loved this trilogy. I am sad it's over and I never get to experience it anew again. So you'll have to.