Stray (Shifters, Book 1)

Stray - Rachel Vincent Essentially Kelley Armstrong's Bitten but with werecats and a less interesting/more annoying heroine. While Bitten's Elena was strong, smart, and made her own choices, Faythe is GRR ANGRY and gets reduced to a pile of quivering jelly at the sight of male hipbones.

This seemed like it really had the potential in the first fifty or so pages to be about a strong female character in a male's world, but it pretty quickly lost that potential. Faythe rants and raves about wanting to be equal to the males because she can totally fight and stuff, but when it comes down to it, she wants special treatment all the time for being female. She throws temper tantrums, is super proud of her ability to annoy everyone around her, and is apparently smart because she owns a copy of Beowulf. We also get far too many vivid descriptions of her underwear and clothing, but the character descriptions are so bland and forgettable that I don't even know what her love interest looks like.

Good points:

-It's a very quick read. I think I read the first 100 pages in about an hour.
-It's a light read, which was part of why I picked it up. Sometimes you need a light read.